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What’s the ev charging station cost?


Electric car charging stations cost, ev charging station cost

With the rapid development of new energy automobile market, it not only drives the related industry chain of automobile accessory products, but also promotes the growth of related derivative fields such as automobile maintenance and automobile beauty. In addition, as a necessary tool for new energy vehicles, charging piles have entered our vision with the popularity of new energy vehicles. Let's go with ELECTWAY to see what’s the ev charging station cost.

Generally, the charging piles used in the family are slow charging piles, which have various specifications, such as three plug-in wires, charging treasure, standard AC piles, etc. the power supply is 220V, and the total price is about 500-3500; The quick filling pile is relatively expensive. Generally, the 15kw quick filling pile costs about 10000 yuan, plus the construction party is about 5000 yuan, which costs 15000-20000 yuan in total.

How much is the charging pile for a car?

1. Charging pile of fast charging electric vehicles

At present, the mainstream charging piles are charged in terms of the power level. Once there are different prices in different areas of electricity, which are generally concentrated between 1.6 yuan and 1.8 yuan. The battery capacity of 200 km new energy vehicles is about 31 kilowatt hours, that is, it needs about 31 kwh, so it takes 49.6 yuan to 55.8 yuan to fill the primary electricity.

2. Home electric charging

Household charging is to use home power supply to charge cars. Because the residential electricity is charged at the step price, there are differences in the charges in various places, but they are about 0.5 yuan. Taking 200 km car as an example, it takes about 15 yuan to fill the electricity once, but it will be more and more expensive.

After purchasing the ideal ev charging station, the problem to consider should be the installation part. It is important to know that the installation of charging pile. Therefore, we should first communicate with the property to see the distance between the fixed parking space and the power point, and then calculate the cost of installing the charging pile according to the charging standard of the selected vehicle model and the corresponding electric vehicle charging station companies. I hope that the information about ev charging station cost can help us to better understand.



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