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Battery Road Service EV Charger isspecially designed for EVs roadsideassistance.This is good solutionsupport road rescue for end user,who may exhausted energy on theirroad.The charger can be carried bya standard roadside-service truckwith battery .The design of this systemtakes into account all kinds of safetyfactor,like batteries, charging station,during transportation and working.Thereare many options for this solution, we provide customized configuration accordingto the needs of customers

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  • lt is supporting ccs and CHAdeMO only byreplace the cable
  • USB for firware update and RJ45 port forinternet connect(optional),
  • Can change setting via touch display freely.


Model 15kw
Input AC Input 260-530V/24A
DC Input 260-760V/27A(DC Solar Panel/DC battery bank15kwh)
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Factor >[email protected] load
Efficiency 95%
DC Output Output Valtage Range 150-550V/0-35A
Max.Output Power 15KW
Max.Output Current [email protected]
User Interface TFT-LCD Touch Panel 4.3'touch display
Push Buttons Emergency Stop(optional)
Interface USB,RJ45(optional)
packing Dimension 760*1109*992mm
Weight 350kg
Environmental Operating Temperature -20°C~+50°C,power derating from +50°C and above
Humidity 5%~90%RH,non-condensing
Altitude 2000m
IP Level IP23
Mechanical Cable Length 5M(US Tesla) Customized acceptable
Regulation Regulation IEC 62196-3
Certification CE,ROHS
Charging protovol CHAdeMO 2.0/DIN 70121


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