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Electway portable ev fast charger with battery mobile ev charger ccs chademo byd eelectric car vehicle charger
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Fast ,mobile & flexible

Mobile charging with up to 200KM/h!
The portable quick-charger was developed for electric vehicles with CHADEMO or CCS Combo DC charging sockets and is designed for semi-mobile use.It is compatible with all popular industrial sockets and can be used with CEE63 plug sockets.The charger is flexible in use thanks to its compact dimensions and is especially suitable for use with vehicle pools,in workshops or at motoring events.
Operate Condition and requirement for portable EV charger
Working condition

1) Prevent the rain, water, avoid direct sunlight ,away from the sources of
charger,such us fire source, combustible gas,rain,snow smoke,sand-dust
2) Operating temperature:-20℃~45℃
3) Operating humidity:5%~95%
4) Operating altitude:<=2000m

Company Information

company information
Guangzhou Electway Technology Co., Ltd was founded on March 20th,2012.It is located in Zengcheng District, Guangzhou.Since its establishment, our company has been focusing on R&D, production, sales and other services of hardware&software products of power electronics in the field of new energy.
At present, Our company's main products are: a variety of domestic and international standard electric vehicle AC and DC charging station (stationary&wall-mounted), mobile off-board DC chrger,all Series of AC charging EVSE,charging connectors,off - grid electric vehicle discharge device V2H, changing power module and its peripheral products.
Our company invest great efforts on the development of technology and the accumulation of high-quality talents. We have a professional R&D team of more than 10 people.We pay highly attention to the accumulation and protection of independent intellectual property rights.Our company has applied for a number of utility model patents and appearance patents, andregistered the trademark "ELECTWAY". Our company is a general VAT payer and has the qualification of import and export rights.Our products have been exported to a wide range of domestic and oversea, and have gained a high reputation in the industry.

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