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20KW Portable type DC Quick Charger
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This small charger is perfect to toss in the back of the car

or in motorcycle luggage. It is also very useful to have as

a backup charger for use on the race track, in a tow truck,

or at your business.

The ideal vehicle for this unit, if you are taking it with you,

is one with a small AC charger, or vehicles you plan to

take on road trips through rural areas with RV or industrial

areas being the main power sources for EV travelers. This

unit will greatly speed up your charging while out and

about, or road tripping.

This charger is comes with a IEC type2 socket, This very

common plug is often used by AC, charging station (3P)

welders, and other industrial equiptment. And the outlet

DC plug can be Combo 1 & 2, CHAdeMO, GB/T or Tesla.

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Product Detail
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  • It has CCS, CHAdeMO, GB/T,Tesla versions,input via type2 or 3-phase power supply.
  • USB for firmware update and RJ45 port forinternet connect(optional),
  • Can change setting via touch display freely.


Model 15kW 20kW
AC or DC Input Input Rating 380Vac± 10% or 300~750Vdc
Input connec on L1+L2+L3+N+PE or DC+,DC
Max. Input Current 32 A @ 380Vac or 30A @ 750Vdc
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Power Factor >0.99 @ full load
Efficiency 95%
DC Output Output Voltage Range 50~500Vdc (CHAdeMo) , 150~750Vdc (CCS), 48~450Vdc(GB/T)
Max. Output Power 15 kW 20 kW
Max. Output Current 40A@375V 50A@400V
User Interface TFT-LCD Touch Panel 5' touch display
Push Buttons Emergency Stop
Interface USB ,RJ45(optional)
Packing Dimension 550*310*160mm
Weight 36kg
Environmental Operating Temperature -20°C ~+50°C, power derating from +50°C and above
Humidity 5% ~ 90% RH, non-condensing
Altitude 2000m
IP Level IP23
Mechanical Cable Length 5M (CHAdeMO) , 5M (CCS), 5M(GB/T) Customized acceptable
Regulation Regulation IEC 62196-3
Certification CE , ROHS
Charging protocol CHAdeMO 2.0 / DIN 70121/ISO5118/Tesla/GBT27930-2015


Support car

CCS BMW i3,VW e-golf&e-up, Jaguar ipace, Tesla model 3, Hyundai ioniq&kona,Audi e-tron, OPEL ampera e,Chevrolet spark,Geely TX electric Taxi,Ford focus,Renault new Zoe
CHAdeMO Nissan leaf&NV200, KIΛ soul,CITROËN C-Zero&Berlingo,Peu- geot iOn,Mitsubishi i-Mev&outlander,Geely TX electric Taxi,Zero Motorcycles,Tesla Model S
GB/T BYD,BAIC,Chery,Geely,Aion S,MG,XiaoPeng,JAC,Zotype etc

Three input methods of 20KW portable EV charger

    1. Power grid 380VAC 3 phase input.Connect the grid(L1,L2,L3,PE,N)
  1. Type 2 plug input Type 2 of EV charging station connect the socket of 20KW charger
  2. DC inputThe battery with a cable,output DC current, connect the socket of 20KW charger

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