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Public ev charging stations offer many benefits.

1. Different charging options

There are many charging options available at public electric vehicle charging stations. These include automatic charging, charging with power, charging according to amount, charging according to time, and charging by the hour. The screen also displays basic information like the charging method, time , and power for real-time display.

2. It is easy to check the operating status

A screen displays the status of the public fast charging station. It has a luminous strip that illuminates. The charging status is similar to the traffic light. A yellow light indicates the charging station is in standby mode, a green light indicates the charging post has begun charging and a red light indicates the end of charging. In some cases, the red light will flash to indicate an issue with the charging station.

3. Intelligent billing control

To complete the charging and billing process, the controller can be assigned to the public car charging station.

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