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What is a portable charger for electric vehicles? It is rare for a combustion-powered car to run out of petrol. This is a bigger problem if electric cars are stumbling along the motorway. What happens if there is only one charger 50 miles away? Although EV charging has become easier in the US , many road-trippers and rural EV drivers will soon feel anxious about their mileage. The portable EV charger can be a small, portable power source that you can use when there isn't a public charger nearby. A portable EV charger is a large, bi-directional battery. It can charge the grid but can also be used to power your car. Is it worth the money to buy portable electric car chargers? All it boils down is a growing industry of subscription-based AAA services and large, expensive batteries that can be towable to address the universal 'what-if?' of every EV driver: mileage anxiety. It may be worth increasing your range by adding one mile per minute to your range as public fast chargers become more widespread and common. It's easy to forget about waiting for a long time to charge your electronics if you're aware of a fast charger just 10 miles away.
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