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Why ELECTWAY Charger can stand out from numerous electric vehicle charging infrastructure companies?


With low-carbon economy becoming the main theme of global economic development, electric vehicles, as an important part of new energy strategy and smart grid, will become the focus of the future development of the world automobile industry and energy industry. However, the electric vehicle industry is a system engineering, and the electric vehicle charging station is one of the main links, which must achieve coordinated development with other fields of electric vehicles. As the electric vehicle charging infrastructure market is booming, a crowd of electric vehicle charging infrastructure companies accordingly have been emerging.

Facing the huge EV charger market, how to stand out from the numerous EV charging infrastructure companies? In addition to best EV charging station, looking for the best EV charging infrastructure company is also important, which is not a task to be taken lightly. That’s why, ELECTWAY Charger, a professional electric vehicle charging infrastructure company from China, comes in, and gradually becomes a pioneer in this industry.

Let’s reach out to ELECTWAY Charger !

ELECTWAY Charger is a professional ev charging infrastructure company from China majoring in R&D, production, sales and other services of top quality EV Charging Infrastructure products for over 9 years. Our EV Charger series products include:

  1. Electric Vehicle AC Slow charger, power from 3.5KW to 43KW
  2. DC Fast CHAdeMo CCS and Type2 Charger; Constant power output and intelligent distribution
  3. Solar / Battery EV Charger system
  4. E-bus bow-type Supercharger
  5. CHAdeMo CCS and AC Charger plug; CHAdeMo and AC Charge socket and CHAdeMO/CCS1/CCS2 to GB/T adapter
  6. EV discharger equipment: Vehicle to Home, Vehicle to Vehicle
  7. Smart Energy Management System

What we have ?

- 10 years of manufacturing EV Charging Infrastructure products

With years of manufacturing high-quality EV charger-related products, ELECTWAY Charger has the capability to produce EV Charger series products in various specifications to satisfy clients’ requirements. After all, experience is also an advantage, which can help to avoid some errors and offer better products and services.

- 50,000 square meter production plant

The production plant is large enough to accommodate 100 in house production workers, as well as a complete set of advanced production lines which can match to different manufacturing requirements. From manufacturing to sale, one-stop service is provided. Welcome for visiting the factory.

- Customized design

As the guest’s needs change from time to time, those desires need to be reflected through the design. With R & D department, ELECTWAY Charger supports customized design and excels at identifying innovations in the product design, and applying them successfully to meet our customers' needs.

- Considerate service

Service before sales: professional advice for generator set choice, configurations, installation, investment amount etc to help you find what you want. No matter buy from us or not.

Production service: keep tracking for the progress of production, you will know how they are produced.

Service after sales: free instructions for installation, trouble shooting etc. Free parts are available within warranty time.

- Strict quality inspection

At ELECTWAY Charger, an experienced staff master the most effective testing methods and our a series of EV charging infrastructure products are guaranteed to conform to the strictest standards. Through our superb technology, we make every efforts to ensure end designs that speak of quality and we use only high-quality materials to ensure our products are long-lasting. What’s more, they meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001, ISO14000:14001, CE, IEC, RoHS guidelines and our stringent quality control system.

If you are in the market for the electric vehicle charging infrastructure companies, you will be in good hands with ELECTWAY Charger for further business!




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