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How to find electric vehicle charging stations?


Did you ever wonder how to find electric car charging stationsWith the comprehensive popularization of electric vehicles, e car charging stations in large numbers have been found in different locations-- from public parking and underground garage to shopping centers to street corners and even in private home. Most of public ev charging stations are free, while many are commercial ev charging stations which ask for payment.

You may want to know how to find the best EV charging station by searching the Internet for fast charging stations near me. When you’re in a pinch, or wondering to find a location to charge along your route, how do you find charging stations for electric cars?The following are application scopes of charging station to help you to find station quickly.

Application scope of charging station:

  1. Public parking and underground garage

In fact, the parking lot is one of the best places to install a charging station, where not only the traffic flow is relatively stable, but also the income is relatively stable. Parking lots are usually built in places with dense traffic flow. Two ev charging piles can be installed in the parking lot to cooperate with the owners and participate in the profit sharing. The owners are more willing to share the profits, and you can earn profits.

  1. Large and medium sized supermarkets

Generally, in a large shopping mall, the flow of people here is relatively large, which means that the traffic flow is also large. Therefore, the construction of a charging station in the shopping mall is also deeply loved by the operators. The car owners usually charge the car when they are shopping, so that they don't have to take time to wait for charging and shopping charging can be achieved.

  1. Roadside land for parking

Due to the shortage of urban land, it is more and more difficult to park in the city now. Many non trunk roads are allowed to park temporarily. Therefore, some small EV charging piles will be built on the roadside of many cities to facilitate the charging of these car owners, because the small charging pile occupies a relatively small area and does not hinder the passage of other vehicles.

  1. Expressway service area

With the popularity of new energy vehicles, the owners will respond to the lack of electricity in my car on the high-speed road? Therefore, several DC charging piles are set in the service area of high-speed road to meet the charging needs of some vehicles. If the five kilometers are one pile and one station is 10km, the confidence of new energy vehicle owners can be improved, and no longer worry about the lack of power.

  1. Estate

This is the place close to the owner. Although many slow charging piles can be set in the community, it is possible for almost everyone to go out in case of emergency. The slow charging station must be combined with the fast charging station to play a role.

  1. Units, office buildings, etc.

Many units and offices have parking spaces, mainly because many units now recognize new energy vehicles, but the unit can not only purchase charging stations for their own electric vehicles, but also provide services for their employees' electric vehicles.

As stated above, please keep these locations in mind before searching how to find electric vehicle charging stations near me!!! ELECTWAY, as a electric vehicle charging station supplier in EV Charging Station field from China, provides high-quality EV Charger-related products. Welcome to contact us!!!




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